Boston Young Entrepreneurs - Wednesday with Yellow Leaf Hammocks!

Entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs!),

The December Boston Young Entrepreneurs meeting (with awesome support from the Massachusetts Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship) is set for this Wednesday at The Bocoup Loft and we have a great presenter in Yellow Leaf Hammocks. We hope to see you all there.

Yellow Leaf is an interesting social venture that sells beautiful hammocks made endangered ethnic groups in order to provide a viable future through commerce.

If you’ve been to BYE before, you know that our presenters are there to learn from you, get your expertise and firm up their business. Yellowleaf’s Joe Demin has identified a few specific questions that he needs your help to answer:

  1. Like cars or patio furniture, hammocks are a product that people prefer to “test drive” or physically see before purchasing. How do we succeed as an online operation in our first 1-2 years and drive sales without being able to physically display our hammocks?
  2. What are the most effective marketing channels for Yellow Leaf?
  3. The majority of questions that Yellow Leaf received during our test phase were related to how to set up/hang a hammock or whether or not the customer would have a place for a hammock. How do we address these questions before they arise? How do we successfully communicate how to hang a hammock, where to hang the hammock, etc?

You’ll have a chance to weigh in on Wednesday, so please take a few minutes to think about these questions.

See you all Wednesday!

Date: Wednesday, December 15

Time: 6:00pm

Location: The Bocoup Loft, 319A Street, Innovation District

RSVP: Devin.Cole.BRA @ or via facebook

PS. Joe’s planning to bring a hammock or two for you to test out!

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