Gifts We Have Already Received – Happy Holidays People!!!

What with Thanksgiving straight into December Holiday Season, we’re feeling pretty thankful for the gifts we’ve already received here at ONEin3.

We thought we’d take this slow Christmas Eve Eve and run down a bunch of the gifts of the season we Bostonians (and especially ONEin3ers) are cherishing this month.

If all goes well today, we will pass our monthly record for visitors today. On the 23rd of the month. We are so happy to have YOU reading. You guys are the bomb and we love you. THANK YOU for reading and commenting and liking and sharing. We hope we’ve given you some worthwhile reads along the way!

Speaking of you readers, you stepped up big and engaged in a great conversation on race and segregation in Boston, a subject we believe needs addressing. We hope you’ll continue the conversation with us in 2011.

Also speaking of YOU (we feel like Time Magazine right about now), we just cracked 2000 fans on our Facebook page and 2000 followers on Twitter. This is straight up awesome and you did it for us. Keep spreading the word!

The New Wing of the Museum of Fine Arts is awesome and shows Boston’s commitment to culture even in hard times. This is important.

The Celtics have won 14 straight, the Patriots are just crushing people, the Red Sox got Adrien Gonzalez and Carl Crawford. Will the Golden Age of Boston Sports ever end? The only weak link is the B’s and they’re sitting in playoff position. These are good times, folks!

On top of all the best players, we have Shaq miming and conducting the Boston Pops.

Rex Ryan. This guy is the best ever. Need I say more?

MassChallenge took the startup world by storm this year, giving 110 companies a home for the summer and nurturing 16 winners with capital and free space. Efforts like this are what make Boston the dynamic place that it is. Not to mention Greenhorn Connect, Dart Boston, BostInnovation and tons of other organizations doing amazing work.

The MBTA released their data and now we have TONS of apps to track our buses and trains. This has revolutionized our T-ing.

And a couple for the season:

Some grinches stole $15K in donated Toys for Tots gifts. What happened? Well, clearly everyone dove in and gave way more than $15K’s worth of new gifts. Generosity happens in this world.

I mean, this tear-jerker has it all. Kids, heart conditions, carrying people upstairs, the kindness of strangers. If it doesn’t get you right in the crying glands, you don’t have crying glands.

Ok, those are some of the things that warm our hearts. What others are we missing?

Happy Holidays ONEin3ers!!!

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  1. Great list Devin. The last one definitely hit me hard, such a sweet, touching story.

  2. And here’s to ONEin3 and all the programs they’ve brought to all the different neighborhoods in Boston, including their East Boston night that led me to the wonder that is 303 Cafe ( ), a ONEin3 supporter/favorite! Looking forward to more in 2011!

  3. I can’t believe I forgot to include Food Trucks!

    Program here:

    Our story on the Food Truck Challenge here:

  4. Sadly I’ll be traveling, but food truck-wise, the incredible Clover truck will on City Hall Plaza for First Night along with Grilled Cheese Nation, Silk Road BBQ & Buffalo Bo’s!

    I’m also grateful for more and more bike infrastructure popping up where I ride.

  5. Outside of Boston proper, but I’m putting word in for the karma that brought that jerk in Amherst to pay up for all those pizzas he made people work all night for:

    And of course there’s the gift of all the amazingly dedicated members of the ONEin3 Mayor’s Advisory Council! A more awesome group of proactive citizens I cannot imagine :)

  6. This evening, I’ll be toasting the ONEin3 blog that always keeps me up to date on all my Bostonian needs;)

    But seriously, in addition, it’s fun to be part of a city that has so many new and exciting initiatives–but can still get people excited about simple holiday traditions, like skating on the frog pond. Went for the first time last week!

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