Want to Be on a Board? Boston’s Community Centers Want You

A lot of young people in Boston want to get on Boards and contribute to the City in a meaningful way. There are A LOT of Boards out there who want young people to join. For whatever reason, sometimes the connection gets lost.

Well ONEin3 is here to help make that connection.

On September 7th, the Citywide Board of the Boston Centers for Youth and Families, Boston’s network of community centers, is electing new members. We know this is short notice (maybe that’s part of the problem!) but if you’d like to help your local community center build programming, manage its money, grow, cater more effectively to young people, market itself or anything else, this is your chance to make a BIG impact.

If you’d like to sit on the Citywide Community Center Board, please email Nikko Mendoza at NikkoMendoza [at] gmail [ dot] com with a letter expressing your interest and highlighting any pertinent experience.

If you’d like to get involved with any of the other Community Centers, peruse this handy list with contact information.

You should also know that the Community Centers offer great services, often for way less than you would pay at a gym, pool, tennis court or other location. Well worth looking at.