New Bostonians Summit…what is it? Find out!

Hello ONEin3ers.  It is Wednesday.  We are going rogue and not providing you with our usually Hump Day Job Day content.  Instead, we are pointing you in the direction of the fabulous New Bostonians Summit.

Please join Mayor Thomas M. Menino, the Office of New Bostonians (MONB) and other key stakeholders and leaders at the upcoming New Bostonians Summit – to secure the educational and economic success of immigrants and Boston’s future!


The New Bostonians Summit is a multi-year, city-wide process initiated by MONB that brings together leaders from immigrants communities, mainstream advocates, business, private philanthropy, higher education, labor and government to address the three most pressing issues identified by Boston’s  immigrants– ESOL, K-12 Education and Jobs.

The New Bostonians Agenda – addressing ESOL, K-12 Education and Jobs – was developed by and widely vetted among leaders representing the seven sectors, as well as provides a vision and call to action to support immigrant families’ educational and economic success. The Agenda serves as a framework to help foster collaborations, align activities and resources, as well as to measure progress in meeting these three most pressing needs of Boston’s immigrants.

At the Summit, data on these three key issues will be presented. Immigrants’ critical role in the economy will be emphasized and the New Bostonians Summit Agenda will be discussed.  This is also an opportunity to actively engage, provide input, leadership and momentum to promote immigrants educational and economic success.

Register today!!!!