A Bittersweet Recap: Grand Plans and E-Death

Faithful readers, short weeks are always just a little odd. The mind struggles to focus, the body forgets what day it is, the soul wants that 3 day weekend back.

This was no exception. The swings of emotion were massive, my dear friends. MASSIVE.

The Ups:

The Downs:

The In-Betweens

Tweet of the Week:

  • @HeyRatty: The Leather District: “It’s Not What You Think” #BosHoodSlogans

Comment of the Week:

  • From Jenny: Oh I don’t know. The bit about @fakedevincole being admitted to Harvard when he was 8 made me laugh. Out loud, even.

SHE WAS RIGHT. It was funny. So much regret.

That is the week that was. See you next week!