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Bessie King’s Reflections Mayor Menino’s Tenure

ONEin3 Council Member Bessie King Reflects on her experience with Mayor Menino and her desire to continue his legacy of bettering our city.

My family arrived in Massachusetts during Mayor Menino’s second term and Boston was not quite the attractive city it is today. We lived in the suburbs and it wasn’t until the time came for me to go to college in the city that I truly got to know Boston.

In my first two years, I learnt of our restrictive T-curfew and refused to photograph our infamous City Hall when friends came to visit from other schools. I was not impressed. By my last two years of college I became aware of the reputation shift certain parts of the city had, understood why retaining a younger demographic was integral to the city’s development and even got to enjoy the introduction of city-funded programs like bike-sharing. Boston changed, in my mind and in reality, within the ten years that I arrived, attended college and was beginning my master’s.

I became proud of being a Bostonian and grew a collection of sports teams, United Way or Paul Revere-circa the 2004 DNC, t-shirts that I still sport on weekends or vacations. What I had not realized until two years ago is that all this change happened thanks to our Mayor. For the past two years my family has been searching for space to relocate our food business due to redevelopment in the building we were located in. We searched for help everywhere, women’s groups, business associations, banks, real-estate agencies, far and wide across the city. We found a place but, unfortunately, our surrounding community did not feel comfortable with its location inside of a neighborhood block.

We were ready to give up until we met Mayor Menino at a non-profit event we catered. My mom, a direct and uninhibited Mexican woman, asked him pointedly if he could help her save our business during his greeting. He said, “Will I get free food?” and made her laugh. After taking out his business card and scribbling down his secretary’s name on it, he assured us he’d try his best to help us. That, he has.



Boston Metro: ONEin3 Brainstorming to better Boston

Mayor Menino’s ONEin3 Council is featured in an awesome story by Morgan Rousseau of the Boston Metro. Take a read and keep the applications coming!  Apply here to come together with a group of civic-minded young adults to work on projects designed to engage Boston’s ONEin3 population! **Applicants must be residents of Boston and between the ages of 20-34.

Photo Credit: ONEin3 Council Member Cara Brostrom

Published: January 07, 2020 4:56 p.m.
Last modified: January 07, 2020 5:14 p.m.
A board of ambitious young Bostonians is looking to recruit some fresh new faces to help make the Hub a more happening place for its 20 and 30-something-year-olds.Last week the ONEin3 Boston Mayor’s Advisory Council started accepting applications for new members. Since then, hundreds have reach out to the organization, all vying for a spot on the 24-member board.Mayor Thomas M. Menino founded the program in 2004 to advise him on policy and programming. Since then it has yielded a neighborhood tour, housing guides, networking events, park cleanups and wiffle ball tournaments, to name a few.
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