Thank you to all applicants to the Mayor’s 2016 ONEin3 Council! The application period has ended. Applications will be reviewed over the next few weeks and placements will be announced in early March.

Missed the chance to apply to the Council? Stay tuned for additional opportunities to get involved with ONEin3 in the coming months!


The Mayor’s ONEin3 Council is an appointed body of thirty highly active, civic-minded Bostonians between the ages of 20-34. Membership on the ONEin3 Council is a service as well as an honor. The Council serves as the leadership team driving ONEin3’s efforts to engage the City of Boston’s millennial population. Council members are selected through an annual application process and assigned a role as either a Committee Chair or Neighborhood Captain. These are public-facing roles that require a high level of commitment and dedication to serving the City of Boston.

Council members are required to attend monthly meetings. The full Council comes together every other month for strategic planning and agenda setting purposes. In between full Council meetings, Council members meet in their respective Committees or as Neighborhood Captains. Committee meetings are open to the public, and Council members are responsible for leading the discussion, assigning roles and responsibilities among Committee members, and following up to ensure that tasks are completed as necessary.

Council members are expected to demonstrate leadership and establish a high standard of participation and engagement, setting the example for others to follow. In addition to attending monthly meetings, this means promoting, attending and/or volunteering at ONEin3 and other City of Boston sponsored events to the greatest extent possible. Membership on the ONEin3 Council is a service as well as an honor, and should be treated as such. Individuals who are unable to meet the commitment that is commensurate to the position will be removed from the Council.

While membership on the Council requires time, enthusiasm, and effort, the benefits of participation are endless. Successful Council members make valuable connections and forge lasting relationships, hone leadership and project management skills, develop a deeper understanding of Boston’s civic and cultural landscape, and make a tangible difference in the lives of their peers.

If you have any questions about the ONEin3 Council, the application process, or anything related to ONEin3, please reach out to ONEin3 Manager, Erin Santhouse: