February, 2010:

Want to volunteer? Don't know where to start? Let Kelly Clark from Boston Cares be your guide!

As the “new kid on the block” in the ONEin3 blog, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kelly Clark, and I work for Boston Cares, a nonprofit dedicated to flexible, team-based volunteering in Greater Boston. I’m a big fan of volunteering, and wanted to get you in on the action. Every week I’ll highlight a national or local service topic, an agency that you can serve in your own community, and some project recommendations for anyone who just doesn’t know where to start. There are over 36,000 tax exempt organizations in Massachusetts, so allow me to point you in the right direction!



Is It Summer Yet? Tell Me Tuesday…Wishful Thinking Style

The last week the weather in Boston has been pretty sweet for February.  In fact, on Thursday Devin tried to convince me to sit outside and have our weekly meeting over coffee…I appreciated his enthusiasm but it isn’t that warm and I’m not about to get my blanket out of the closet to sit on the grass in Post Office Square.

I have been in Boston long enough to know that right when you think that we are out of the worst weather of the year we will get a huge snowstorm and freezing weather…just to put us back in our place.

The unseasonably good weather, however, has gotten me torturing myself by thinking of summer.  So I decided to torture all my lovely ONEin3ers as well and ask for this week’s Tell Me Tuesday, “What is the one thing you love doing in Boston during summer that you can’t do in the winter?”

My answer is pretty unoriginal but so true.  I love being outside at night with my friends and having it being really warm and wonderful.  Where I grew up the fog always rolls in at around seven and it is nothing like the warm nights we have here.

Okay, so now it’s your turn…  I know I’ve given you a few easy weeks by offering up a poll option but this week we want to hear comments!!!  So get typing and thinking SUMMER!!!!


After a week off…Mo' Money Mondays Returns!!!

Oh yes….it is Monday yet again, and yes this work week actually will be five days rather than four.  We now have to look forward to April when we can all get to go watch local celebrity Devin Cole run in the Boston Marathon and enjoy another three day weekend.

So the day I wrote this post I was a having a pretty horrible day…mostly because of Devin.  I went to ONEin3 Money and read Matt Brownell’s post.  Like magic, I felt better, mostly because he is really funny but also because I could forward the article to my exceptionally frugal boyfriend in justification of my champagne taste with a beer pocket book (for those not from areas that use this term aka Pennsylvania, I mean purse).

Anyway…long story short….here is your weekly money roll for Mo’ Money Mondays….enjoy my fabulous ONEin3ers!

  • Do you know what GNMAs are?  I sure don’t….check out how to understand them a little better (or find out what they are!)
  • NECN: Student loan advice with Jennifer Lane

See you tomorrow for Tell Me Tuesday!!!


Home, Sweet Eastie


When we wrote our East Boston exploration blog about a couple outsiders (us!) walking around the neighborhood, we thought, “I can’t wait to see the comments. People are going to love it! Our new Eastie friends/fans are going to invite us to come back to hang out with them and they’ll show us new, cool places that we missed the first time around.”

Well anyway, that’s not exactly how things played out. We didn’t think that our attempt to express affection for Eastie as a more neighborhoodly section of the city that doesn’t suffer from the affliction of doggie boutiques would be compared to a bad Disney movie but, hey, such is life.

To make sure we fulfill our mission to portray Boston honestly through the eyes of young people, we’ve invited Eastie resident Steve Holt to give us his vision of the neighborhood. We hope you enjoy it!


Home, Sweet Eastie

by Steve Holt

I’m not a lifelong East Boston resident.  Far from it.

In only about four years, though, I’ve grown to cherish my neighborhood. It’s become a part of my identity. It’s my home.

Much ink has been spilled on what constitutes home. Some claim that home can be captured solely in the framework of physical place. A few even still hold to the 1950s ideal of home as white picket fence, lush yard, 2.5 kids, and a dog – and closeness to one’s family of origin.

But “settling down” looks quite different for the one-in-three generation than it did for our parents. To me, home has become both less about an American Dreamlike lifestyle or even my family of origin and more of a place or situation that allow me to discover and be myself, with no pretenses. Somewhere I can let my hair down, metaphorically. A scenario in which I am able to take off my mask. To be seen and accepted for who I really am.

In this way particularly, East Boston is home.  As a neighborhood, Eastie isn’t trying to be anything it isn’t, and generally speaking, even the young people who have moved in the last 10 years aren’t on a quest to turn Eastie into Charlestown or the South End. That’s because we recognize that East Boston already offers the truly important stuff: family, neighbors that care, diversity, and vibrant spaces to gather.