Tell Me Tuesdays

Favorite Movie That Takes Place in Boston?? Ooooo it's Tell Me Tuesday!!

Oh my fabulous ONEin3ers…it is Tuesday and you are right, we missed Mo’ Money Monday yesterday.  As much as I am sure you feel deprived by not hearing a little story about how incompetent I am with money, you can always head over to and check out what is new.

But alas, it is Tuesday and like every Tuesday we give you a question for you to answer and share your fabulous ONEin3 insight.  Currently, I am in California watching a Tom Selleck movie with my parents.  This is amazing to me, because I was like 90% sure Tom Selleck was no longer alive.  The movie takes place in Worchester and moves to Boston (according to my dad, we have just watched the beginning and I am still confused why Tom Selleck is in a current movie, even if it is made for TV).

Okay, again with the ginger rambling…why am I telling you this?  Well it got me thinking, there are a ton of great movies about Boston, why not ask our fabulous ONEin3ers, “what is your favorite movie that takes place in our fabulous city.”

I guess mine is pretty unoriginal, but I absolutely love Matt Damon and I have to say my favorite movie is “Good Will Hunting.”

Okay lovelies I must go and watch this movie…I highly doubt it, but maybe my answer will change by the end of it!

Oh, and as always, check in tomorrow for yet another wonderful Volunteer Vendesday!!!


Tell Me About Your First Apartment Tuesday

Hello my fabulous ONEin3ers.  I hope your Tuesday is going as wonderfully as your Monday went after our fabulous Mo’ Money Monday post.

So for Tell Me Tuesday this week ONEin3 wants to know about your first apartment in Boston and your favorite memory there.



Is It Summer Yet? Tell Me Tuesday…Wishful Thinking Style

The last week the weather in Boston has been pretty sweet for February.  In fact, on Thursday Devin tried to convince me to sit outside and have our weekly meeting over coffee…I appreciated his enthusiasm but it isn’t that warm and I’m not about to get my blanket out of the closet to sit on the grass in Post Office Square.

I have been in Boston long enough to know that right when you think that we are out of the worst weather of the year we will get a huge snowstorm and freezing weather…just to put us back in our place.

The unseasonably good weather, however, has gotten me torturing myself by thinking of summer.  So I decided to torture all my lovely ONEin3ers as well and ask for this week’s Tell Me Tuesday, “What is the one thing you love doing in Boston during summer that you can’t do in the winter?”

My answer is pretty unoriginal but so true.  I love being outside at night with my friends and having it being really warm and wonderful.  Where I grew up the fog always rolls in at around seven and it is nothing like the warm nights we have here.

Okay, so now it’s your turn…  I know I’ve given you a few easy weeks by offering up a poll option but this week we want to hear comments!!!  So get typing and thinking SUMMER!!!!


Don't Ask, Tell, Tuesday….

Okay, I know, last week’s Tell Me Tuesday was pretty lame.  I know you agree with me because the only person that responded was Devin, and he pretty much has to respond.

This week’s question though I personally think is pretty awesome.  So I ask you, my fabulous ONEin3ers, if you could change one thing about Boston what would it be?

This week’s winner will get a fabulous tour of the model room AND will meet me and local celebrity Devin over a glass of beer, wine, milk or drink of your choice this Friday, ON US.  If you are unfamiliar with the model room please view our first ever “Tell Me Tuesday” post (includes pictures of both model room and Devin-for all you ladies out there).

Peace out my fellow ONEin3ers and I will see the winner on FRIDAY!!!!