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Guest posts!

Bessie King’s Reflections Mayor Menino’s Tenure

ONEin3 Council Member Bessie King Reflects on her experience with Mayor Menino and her desire to continue his legacy of bettering our city.

My family arrived in Massachusetts during Mayor Menino’s second term and Boston was not quite the attractive city it is today. We lived in the suburbs and it wasn’t until the time came for me to go to college in the city that I truly got to know Boston.

In my first two years, I learnt of our restrictive T-curfew and refused to photograph our infamous City Hall when friends came to visit from other schools. I was not impressed. By my last two years of college I became aware of the reputation shift certain parts of the city had, understood why retaining a younger demographic was integral to the city’s development and even got to enjoy the introduction of city-funded programs like bike-sharing. Boston changed, in my mind and in reality, within the ten years that I arrived, attended college and was beginning my master’s.

I became proud of being a Bostonian and grew a collection of sports teams, United Way or Paul Revere-circa the 2004 DNC, t-shirts that I still sport on weekends or vacations. What I had not realized until two years ago is that all this change happened thanks to our Mayor. For the past two years my family has been searching for space to relocate our food business due to redevelopment in the building we were located in. We searched for help everywhere, women’s groups, business associations, banks, real-estate agencies, far and wide across the city. We found a place but, unfortunately, our surrounding community did not feel comfortable with its location inside of a neighborhood block.

We were ready to give up until we met Mayor Menino at a non-profit event we catered. My mom, a direct and uninhibited Mexican woman, asked him pointedly if he could help her save our business during his greeting. He said, “Will I get free food?” and made her laugh. After taking out his business card and scribbling down his secretary’s name on it, he assured us he’d try his best to help us. That, he has.



Podcast: ONEin3ers Give Their Takes and Boston by the Numbers

Ever wanted to learn more about Boston’s demographic stats? ONEin3 Mayor’s Advisory Council member Derrick Duplessy has put together a podcast interview with Mark Melnik, Deputy Director of Research for the Boston Redevelopment Authority. They discuss the 2010 census and how various aspects of the data affect the ONEin3 population in Boston. In addition, Derrick and two of our other Council members Jamie Simchik and Elizabeth Good share their opinions about some issues past and present facing Boston’s 20-34 population.
Click here to listen to the podcast!

Please note that the opinions voiced in this podcast belong solely to their respective speakers and do not reflect the position of ONEin3 Boston or any of its sponsors.

The Onein3 Boston podcast is place to find news and opinions that matter to the one-third of Boston’s population between the ages of 20 and 34.

This episode starts off with Jamie and Liz from the council musings on various current events in our ‘Quick Hits’ and ‘What’s on Your Mind’ segments. Mark Melnik, Deputy Director of Research for the Boston Redevelopment Authority stops by and discusses fascinating data from the latest 2010 Census as well as his career path. Did you know that Boston is 53% nonwhite? You’ll be surprised by some of the facts coming out of this interview.

Podcast time markers:
09:46 What’s on Your Mind
35:00 Mark Melnik Interview

For more information on Census data and other great info put together at the BRA, check out the BRA’s research webpage here:

Boston skyline

The podcast series is hosted by Derrick Duplessy, Executive Director of the Duplessy Foundation. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, feel free to email


Eating Away in Back Bay

Hello again ONEin3ers,

I’m here this time to recommend two restaurants in our tres chic Back Bay neighborhood (for those who may remember me, I recommended a Sunday Fun Day in the South End last month). Now, let me start by noting that I like a lot of places in Back Bay, so these two are definitely not being mentioned because they are better than others. I just like them for very unique reasons…

A Little Bit of Vegas Without the Slot Machines
A friend and I recently went to check out Red Lantern on Stanhope Street, which opened this past summer. Online reviews were mixed, so we decided to see and judge for ourselves. The website describes it as “a sophisticated, sensual and tailored Asian Restaurant and Lounge…” so we weren’t sure what to expect. Frankly, I won’t deny that the place is interesting, but I need to warn you that it tries hard to be a “scene.” It’s almost as if it doesn’t realize that it’s not located in Vegas (for example, the waitresses wear black, skin-tight corsets and the lighting is dim at best). However, because of this, it is definitely a place to experience at least once. There’s a separate bar and dining area, so you can choose what you’d prefer. If you order food, try the duck buns (with sake, of course)!

Guacamole Heaven
Right next door to Red Lantern, at 35 Stanhope Street, is my favorite Mexican restaurant, Zocalo (the official website is coming soon). Honestly, if you’ve never been, you must go! The atmosphere is cozy and the food is delicioso. I swear they have the best guacamole I’ve ever tasted (made right at your table) and I honestly “need a moment” when I first bite into the corn appetizer. Seriously.

Until next time…


P.S. Comments or other recommendations always welcome!


Sunday Fun Day in the South End

Hello ONEin3ers,

First off, let me clarify that I am not actually a socialite. I just wish I was one. Maybe if I were perhaps born a “Hilton” or had a ridiculously rich husband, then it would be all good. But no. For now I am just your typical young professional, working in Boston and trying to lead an active social life. As a proud member of the ONEin3 Boston community, I like to explore the city in my free time and frequent local establishments (seriously, did I just use that phrase?) and thought it’d be cool to report on my more interesting urban adventures…

So, this past Sunday I went to the South End, which may not seem that exciting to many, but let me preface this by explaining that I hardly ever leave Comm Ave, where I live AND work. If you’ve never been or just haven’t been in a while, I’d recommend getting brunch at Metropolis Cafe on Tremont Street (especially if you love pancakes), then browsing the SoWa Open Market (open Sundays from 10am - 4pm). The whole neighborhood is quaint in my opinion and full of hidden gems, but the SoWa is really a hip place to check out, full of local vendors and food trucks galore. And make sure you go soon-October 30 is the last day of the 2011 season.

Until next time…