Special Election

Election Day!

After today we’ll stop harassing you, but it’s ELECTION DAY in the District 7 City Council race!

If you live in District 7, get out there and vote.

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Read about the candidates:

Also on the Ballot:

  • Danielle Renee Williams
  • Althea Garrison

Good luck to the candidates!


In Your Voting Booth… You!

So, maybe actual “booths” are a thing of the past in elections.  When I voted in November, I didn’t get a curtain to pull closed but I had some high walls around my secret ballot at my little Hill House voting spot.  But I digress.

Tomorrow is Preliminary Election Day in District 7!

That’s right… we’re going to downsize from 6 candidates to 2 candidates.  Then there’s one month til the March 15 final election, and then *boom!*  New City Councilor!

So if Twitter is accurate, which I assume it is, it looks like while I’ve been watching basketball games and heckling the Grammys, our District 7 candidates have been out meeting with voters all weekend.  So, I guess I can feel a little bit unproductive, huh?

Fortunately, I contributed a small amount of time and effort to the cause, getting some responses to our surveys!  Check out Natalie Carithers, Roy Owens, Tito Jackson, and Cornell Mills!  Also on the ballot are Danielle Renee Williams and Althea Garrison.

And if you’re in District 7, confirm your voting location here and set aside a few minutes tomorrow to get out and vote!   If you haven’t registered to vote, maybe you should.  Okay, definitely you should.  If you’re in District 7, you have until February 23 to register for the final.  If you aren’t in District 7, you might as well just do it right now.  Otherwise, I’ll probably judge you.  And you wouldn’t want that.

So don’t forget!  Tuesday, February 15, from 7am til 8pm: you gotta vote!


On Your Ballot in District 7: Tito Jackson

Hello, Boston voters!  I know you’ve been looking forward to the next response to ONEin3′s candidate survey… but the wait is over!  Our third response is in!  If you are a candidate who hasn’t yet responded, we want to hear from you.  It’s only a few days til the February 15 preliminary election, so hurry up and get your responses in to us.


Name: Tito Jackson

Age: 35

Profession/Employer: Political Director

Years Lived In District: Life long resident of Grove Hall

Campaign Website: www.titojacksonforboston.com

If someone would like to volunteer for the campaign, best contact is: 617-708-1809

Personal Questions

  1. If you could recommend one book to be read by everyone in District 7, what would it be? The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  2. Where is your favorite place in the district? My backyard during the annual Tito’s Turkey-Fry
  3. Give three words to describe your community. Resilient, Proud, and Promise

Issue Questions

1.  What are your top 3 priorities for next 2 years?

My main goal is to bring economic growth and job creation to the district.  We need to make District 7 a cultural destination.  By helping businesses grow and providing residents with work, we can revitalize our business districts.  My second goal is to work with parents and others to have safer streets and world class schools.  My third major goal is to increase neighborhood safety.  As the District 7 City Councillor, I will promote summer employment for middle schoolers and year round seasonal jobs for high schoolers as a way of stemming youth violence in our community.

2.  One in three residents of Boston is between the ages of 20 and 34.  The ONEin3Boston.com blog focuses its attention on that population.  If elected, how do you plan to engage that audience?

I plan to engage Bostonians, ages 20 to 34, by communicating with them via social media and getting them to invest in the city’s future: our children. As someone who just aged out, I know the power of social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. My campaign has already integrated these platforms to stay in touch with and communicate with voters.

Engagement must go beyond this. Communication must be followed by action. I will develop a “Roxbury Reads” program which seeks to address the low literacy levels among 1 to 7 year olds.  With 1/3 of the city’s population between the ages of 20 and 34, their participation in Roxbury Reads would make the program a huge success.

3.  What is District 7’s greatest strength and how do you intend to promote that strength citywide?

District 7’s greatest strength is its people. This district is the heart of Boston. These neighborhoods are filled with great people: local business owners, students of all ages with limitless potential, and neighbors who care for their communities.

I’ll promote the district’s strengths, resources and potential everyday through my work and word.  I look forward to the day when Dudley Square is once again a cultural and economic destination.  Mass Avenue needs to become a bridge and not a border, in order for us to build partnerships and promote our greatness. By bringing District 7’s neighborhoods together, our troubles turn into our treasures.

4.  How do you plan to promote the District 7 economy?

During my tenure as the Industry Director for Information Technology at the Governor’s Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, I developed relationships with businesses large and small. I built invaluable connections in the business world while bringing 2,500 jobs to the Commonwealth. As a City Councillor, I would tap into these relationships to make the district a destination for businesses looking to expand and grow in the Boston area.

At the same time, I will promote a community-based economic recovery that develops working partnerships with local businesses and institutions to create much-needed jobs. We can achieve this by growing local businesses, job-training programs, and encouraging entrepreneurship. Finally, I would encourage my neighbors to patronize our local businesses, which enables expansion and job growth.

5.  How do you intend to reduce gun violence?

This is a national, state and local problem. Working to keep guns out of the wrong hands is an important remedy. I would look to work with victims, offenders, and community groups to wage a national fight for stricter gun control laws.  We need to stop the flow of guns into our community and stricter laws will help.

6.  The departure of former Councilor Chuck Turner is the source of a lot of controversy.  What lessons has former Councilor Turner taught you?

Chuck Turner spent forty years as a tireless advocate for the community. Chuck was someone who believed deeply in the power of the community. As an organizer for Mothers for Adequate Welfare and leader of the Black United Front, he organized the community to bring about much needed change. The lesson I’ve learned from Chuck is how to bring city government to the community. I plan to combine this with my economic experience to help bring new businesses and good-paying jobs to District 7.

Thanks to Tito for his responses!  Readers, what do you think of Tito’s plans?  Tell us in the comments!