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Boston Neighborhood Slogans…Let’s Hear Em!

After the HUGE success of David Bernstein’s Massachusetts Town Slogans hashtag on Twitter (#MATownSlogans), I thought it only appropriate for ONEin3 readers to weigh in on their own slogans for Boston’s many neighborhoods – officially recognized or not.  So, join the conversation at #BosHoodSlogans.  Don’t have Twitter? Post in the comments below.

Here’s one or two for each to get the conversation going:

-          East Boston – Free to enter… $3.50 to leave.

-          South Boston – If you’re Irish, you’re family. Wait, you probably already were family.

-          South End – Giving Boston its sense of style since 1728.

-          Beacon Hill – You’re welcome for Patriot’s Day. And Bunker Hill Day. And Evacuation Day.

-          Fenway/Kenmore – New England’s heart and soul since 1903.

-          Bay Village – Where? Oh. I thought that was (South End/Back Bay/Theatre District/Chinatown)

-          Chinatown – Yum!

-          Financial District – All of the jobs, none of the T route.

-          Downtown Crossing – Secretly hoping we don’t fall in the Filene’s pit since 2007.

-          Back Bay – See, you CAN trick wealthy people into living on landfill!

-          West Roxbury – No matter how much we make, you still confuse us with Roxbury.

-          Mattapan – Native American for ‘A Good Place to Be’

-          Hyde Park – Our golf course is named after a Cincinnati Reds player. Wait, what?

-          Mission Hill – Trendy when called ‘The Hill.’ Not-so-trendy when you realize it’s not Beacon Hill.

-          Allston/Brighton – In by 22, out by 24.

-          West End – If you lived here, you’d be home by now. You’re not home yet.

-          Charlestown – HEY! That flower shop in The Town is NOT in Charlestown!

-          JP – Come to visit the Sam Brewery, but leave before building a Whole Foods!

-          Dorchester – See Southie.

-          Roslindale – Sorry, Dot, but Rozzie is the best nickname in town.

-          Roxbury – We have a zoo!

-          North End – Testing how much people will pay to live in a closet that smells like Italian food.

-          Bay Village – Boston’s smallest officially recognized neighborhood. Yes, its actual official! No, I’m not lying.