March, 2010:

Have a drink, socialize, dance, listen to stories, and GIVE BACK….what a FABULOUS combination!!!

Hello my fabulous ONEin3ers.  Can it be Wednesday and Thursday at the same time? In the real world…no….at ONEin3 yes it can! Although volunteering is always fun and fulfilling it usually does not involve knocking a few drinks back and not lifting a finger.  Therefore, because of the amazing event we are going to tell you about…. today is not only Volunteer Vednesday but ALSO Fun Thursday….pretty sweet…I know.

Soooo…check out these fabulous events!!!! ENJOY!!!



How Environmentally Friendly is Boston?

So last week’s Tell Me Tuesday response was a little sad.  I don’t want to point any fingers but we thought we’d hear great things from a certain neighborhood that we heard a lot from a few weeks back.  I understand, though, we are busy, and perhaps we’re too busy enjoying our neighborhoods to write about it?  Also, to be fair, it did take both Devin and me until Thursday to write about why we love our neighborhoods.

Enough with the excuses, though. We all need to be better in our commenting because, let’s face it’s way more fun hearing what other ONEin3 have to say than reading blog after blog by Devin and me all week.

So, this week we are going to get all excited for Earth Day coming up in April by asking: How environmentally friendly do you think Boston is?  What are some things you would like to see change?

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Do you want to impress your boss? Let Mo' Money Mondays help!!!

Good day to my wonderful and fabulous ONEin3ers.  It is Monday, or Tuesday if you subscribe to our fabulous newsfeed, therefore we are delivering our Mo’ Money Monday post.

This weekend I filed my taxes for the first time.  My father used to do it but decided since I was 25, I was old enough to figure it our on my own.  With of help of Turbo Tax I am finally done…not sure if I did it correctly, but if the IRS doesn’t come barging through my door to arrest me for tax evasion I’m going to chalk it up as a win.  So good luck to my lovely ONEin3ers…just think…if I can do it, you (and a gifted monkey) can do it!

To help with all your financial needs I will hand this post over to ONEin3Money.  ENJOY!

Top 10: Things Bosses Love to Hear – I don’t recall saying any of these things to Devin…personally, I’m surprised “you’re the worst” is not listed here.

Charge It: 5 Reasons Using Plastic Beats Cash – Excellent, I’ll use any excuse to use a credit card.

Pet Obsessed: The Cost of Cute – I bought a $30 bed for my cats.  They refused to sleep in it preferring boxes.  I refused to throw the bed out in hopes they would warm up to it.  I then caught one of them peeing in it…I got the message.

My advice…forget the cute…they really don’t know the difference.

Matt Brownell does it again….Great Moments in Cheapery: Second-Hand Jeans, Crappy Beer, and Hot Dog Cuisine…check out some fabulous stories of frugality from our ONEin3 community!

That’s all my fabulous ONEin3ers…get ready for tomorrow’s Tell Me Tuesday….I would like to see more enthusiasm than last week.


New Bostonians Summit…what is it? Find out!

Hello ONEin3ers.  It is Wednesday.  We are going rogue and not providing you with our usually Hump Day Job Day content.  Instead, we are pointing you in the direction of the fabulous New Bostonians Summit.

Please join Mayor Thomas M. Menino, the Office of New Bostonians (MONB) and other key stakeholders and leaders at the upcoming New Bostonians Summit – to secure the educational and economic success of immigrants and Boston’s future!


The New Bostonians Summit is a multi-year, city-wide process initiated by MONB that brings together leaders from immigrants communities, mainstream advocates, business, private philanthropy, higher education, labor and government to address the three most pressing issues identified by Boston’s  immigrants– ESOL, K-12 Education and Jobs.

The New Bostonians Agenda – addressing ESOL, K-12 Education and Jobs – was developed by and widely vetted among leaders representing the seven sectors, as well as provides a vision and call to action to support immigrant families’ educational and economic success. The Agenda serves as a framework to help foster collaborations, align activities and resources, as well as to measure progress in meeting these three most pressing needs of Boston’s immigrants.

At the Summit, data on these three key issues will be presented. Immigrants’ critical role in the economy will be emphasized and the New Bostonians Summit Agenda will be discussed.  This is also an opportunity to actively engage, provide input, leadership and momentum to promote immigrants educational and economic success.

Register today!!!!