Mo’ Money Mondays

Mo' Money Mondays…WAT WAT

Oh HEEELoo my lovely ONEin3ers.  It is Monday and as all Monday’s bring pain, sadness and perhaps depression they also bring the wonderfulness that is Mo’ Money Mondays.

I hate talking about money right now in my life.  Mostly because I am making none and spending a ton on my edu-maca-tion.  Not only that, but Bank of America charged me not ONE not TWO but FIVE over draft fees in a two-day period.  This occurred because the Massachusetts government deposited the check I sent to them.

Oh yes…Massachusetts AND Bank of America are taking money from this poor graduate student.  To say the least, I feel robbed and well poor.

But, I assume, unlike me, you ONEin3ers have some money you need help managing.  So read below and make sure to check your checking account frequently.

NECN Ask Jennifer: Money tips for those who own their own business

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How to Save on Organic Groceries: Our Guide to Farm Co-Ops

Make the Right Home Improvements


Mo' Money MONDAY!!! ipad, cookies, and listen to ONEin3 on the radio!!

Oh it is Monday and Napoleonic Devin made me come into the office.  It’s okay though, after a cup of coffee and harassing him for an hour or so he greatly regretted his decision, things started looking up.

I had a great weekend, thanks for asking.  I nannied, and despite feeling at times like a 15 year high school student, I actually made money instead of spending it.  If that isn’t a Mo’ Money Monday piece of wonderful, I don’t know what is.

So two things my wonderful ONEin3ers we need to ask of you.  Please please please fill out your census and mail it back.  We have fabulous census gear in the office, such as TWO different types of hats.  If you give us a good/or medium census story in the comment section we will give you one.  Trust me, it’s soooo worth it.

Second thing.  If you have received an e-mail from our fabulous e-mail subscriber Aweber confirming you want the latest fun from ONEin3 please click the confirm button on the bottom of the page.  I know it’s a pain, but again sooooooo worth it.  If you haven’t received an e-mail…don’t fret…you will get one shortly if you got newsletters in the past.  If you did not get newsletters in the past and want to in the future go here!

Okay enough with ONEin3 many demands…here is your weekly Mo’ Money Monday Money Roll!!!

ONEin3 Money Hits the Airwaves! Today at 2 – Jenn Lane will be on!!  SO EXCITING!!!

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That is all my lovely ONEin3ers…get your fingers ready for some Tell Me Tuesday amazingness tomorrow!!!


iphones, taxes, and prenups get the 411 from ONEin3 Money

Oh, why hello my ONEin3ers. Devin and I have been slacking lately. We know. I have been doing super cool things, being in Northern California, while Devin has been watching the NCAA Basketball on the floor of his apartment in a blue Snuggie.  We were going to live blog about the Tournament but the games were too good.

Enough with the excuses though…we are back in action with a fabulous Mo’ Money Monday.

About two years ago I graduated from Colby and my dad directed me towards the “I will teach you to be rich” website, written by genius Ramit Sethi. One of his articles explained the percentage of your paycheck that would go towards buying an iphone (he went into the increase phone bill, ect). After reading this article I thought to myself that I would never buy an iphone even though I was making a decent salary. However, when my loving mother gave me one for my birthday last year I was thrilled to escape the $300 price tag.

On my ski trip this past week, after about an hour of snowboarding, I realized that my iphone was no longer in its designated pocket. After becoming best friends with the lost and found women on the base and top of the mountain sadly we had found zero iphones by the end of the day. I then returned to the cabin and went on facebook to find that the thief had gone into my facebook application and written obscene things on my wall. To make a long story short, a new iphone needed to be purchased  with a portion of my $0 a year graduate student salary. My financial woes continue.

Anyhooo….thanks for listening to my misfortunes….here is your money roll for Mo’ Money Mondays:

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NECN: Financial planning for students, seniors, and tax time

NECN Ask Jennifer: paying for an attorney, college loans and Roth Contributions

NECN Ask Jennifer: Filing for foreclosure, prenuptial agreements

That’s it for now my fabulous money conscious ONEin3ers.  Check in tomorrow for a fabulous Tell Me Tuesday…there will a guest writer, top ten list, and a chance to represent your respective neighborhood…SO GET EXCITED!!!!


Starting March of Right with Mo' Money Monday!

Usually, like most people, Mondays are pretty yucky for me.  Although, I am in graduate school, I am still running from coaching volleyball practice, to my fabulous ONEin3 internship to meeting with a group for a presentation for my class coming up.

Basically I work from around from 9-7:30, and unlike when I had my painful job for a year after undergrad, I don’t have my weekends to relax.  I am usually found coaching or doing homework on my Saturdays and Sundays.

So this is about the time you go for the back-button to get away from my pitiful whining, but please don’t, because I swear there is a point to my complaining.

This Monday I went to write my Mo’ Money Monday post, which is another downfall to my beginning of the week because I hate thinking about finances, unless they are somehow geared towards filling my closet with lots of clothes.

This week is different though, because although ONEin3 Money did not mention going on random shopping sprees, they did give me some fun information about my busy and chaotic life.

For example:

Laura Sullivan tackles the question of whether or not graduate school is worth it.  I am well into my second year trying to obtain a marketing degree, so I would it is too late for me to question my decision, but very interesting non-the-less.  So if you are sick of your job, without a job, or miss learning, check this article out!

For all my younger ONEin3ers who are still in school Harry Marks gives us a great article on 25 Ways to Save Money While Traveling, that can definitely help you out on your upcoming spring break adventure.   For all of you who aren’t in school anymore, why shouldn’t you get a Spring Break too?  Check out this article and maybe the money you save will justify slipping away from work for a few days…who knows?

Last but not least, ONEin3 Money gives us a great article on 5 Things You Should Buy at Walmart.  It involves buying stuff so I’m obviously a fan, even though I haven’t been to Walmart since my fabulous undergrad years in Waterville, Maine.

Okay…that is all for this fabulous Monday.  Have a great day and be happy….it’s March!!!