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ONEin3 Mayor’s Advisory Council Update: Social/Cultural Life Edition

Hello ONEin3 Readers,

The 2010-2011 ONEin3 Mayor’s Advisory Council has been working over the last 4 months to put together meaningful problem-solving efforts that will improve life for ONEin3ers like you. Featured in today’s update: the work-hard play-hard Social/Cultural Life subcommittee!

The Boston-savvy Social/Cultural Life team has identified the limited availability of entertainment options, especially in some parts of the city, as its key issue. At stake is much more than finding your favorite beer on tap or a solid place to test out those pick-up lines you’ve been practicing in the mirror. Proximate and vibrant entertainment options are a big part of what attracts our demographic to one place or another. If we can’t meet the social needs of our young population, we risk losing their talent, drive, and successful futures to other cities.

The Social/Cultural Life subcommittee is out to make the economic- and residence-based case for a more dynamic nightlife scene in Boston. To do so, they’re looking into existing academic and city-based studies on the subject. They’re also planning on soliciting the opinions of both residents and business owners to describe the wants and expectations of those populations. As if that weren’t enough, they’re also going to build on the success of the ONEin3 Gets Around initiative to expose us to cool stuff all over the city.

Do you have thoughts about ways to improve the nightlife picture in Boston? Or thoughts on why it’s important to make the City a more desirable place to open a restaurant/bar/club? Please post to the comments!


ONEin3 Gets Around East Boston AND Block Party This Week!

ONEin3 is busy this week. We feel like the most active socialites in Boston right now because we have plans both tonight AND tomorrow. We just feel really cool.

TONIGHT, ONEin3 Gets Around East Boston. We have a couple tickets left and we hope you’ll join us. The rain is going to let up this afternoon and should be no problem whatsoever. You really don’t want to miss Scup’s in the Harbour, 303 Cafe, Harbor Arts, Piers Park and other awesomeness. Come along and explore another of Boston’s great neighborhoods!

TOMORROW (Thursday), ONEin3 is taking over Downtown Crossing for a Block Party. Read more here, but suffice it to say, there will be beer, wine, free food and music. How can you miss? Just another chance to see Downtown Crossing in a brand new way!

We hope to see you in Eastie and Downtown Crossing!