District 7

Congrats to Tito and Cornell and Sign the ONEin3 Pledge!

We watched the District 7 City Council Special Election with great interest here at ONEin3, so we are excited to wish Tito Jackson and Cornell Mills a heartfelt congratulations for making it to the general election

We wish them both all the best in the general on March 15th.

And boy do we ONEin3ers have an opportunity on March 15th.

With all the votes counted, Jackson took first place with 1,943 votes to Mills’ 271.

In other words, the top two vote-getters in District 7 pulled in 2,214 votes together. Combine all the other votes and we have a grand total of 2,886.

That’s not very many votes. Apparently it’s 7% of District 7′s registered voters.

I took a look through ONEin3′s Census data from 2000 and made some rough calculations for District 7. Please bear in mind that these are very rough and based on older (although I bet it’s close to accurate) data.

Here’s what I came up with:

Based on the map on page 17 of this data set, 6.5% of the 195,000 people in the ONEin3 population lives in Roxbury and another 5.2% lives in the South End. District 7 covers most of Roxbury, part of the South End, part of the Kenmore/Fenway area and a little corner of North Dorchester.

Let’s be conservative and say that 8.5% of Boston’s 196,000 ONEin3ers live in District 7.

Well, that’s about 16,575 people, which is almost 6 times the total number of voters in yesterday’s preliminary election!

This November, we will have a regular City Council election citywide. Last time we had a Council election in a year when there was no race for Mayor, 13.6% of Boston turned out. ONEin3ers make up double this total number.

We have a political opportunity here.

People, this is our city, all we need to do is VOTE.

It’s almost too simple to be believed, but we can sway literally every election in this town if we want to.

So I propose the ONEin3 Pledge:

“I pledge that I, a committed young Bostonian, will vote in every election for which I am eligible, from City Council to President and everything in between, because my vote and those of my peers will decide Boston’s future.”

Or the Twitter version:

“I pledge to #vote in every election, from City Council to President, because my vote decides #Boston’s future.”

Who’s with me?


Election Day!

After today we’ll stop harassing you, but it’s ELECTION DAY in the District 7 City Council race!

If you live in District 7, get out there and vote.

Find your Polling Station

Read about the candidates:

Also on the Ballot:

  • Danielle Renee Williams
  • Althea Garrison

Good luck to the candidates!


In Your Voting Booth… You!

So, maybe actual “booths” are a thing of the past in elections.  When I voted in November, I didn’t get a curtain to pull closed but I had some high walls around my secret ballot at my little Hill House voting spot.  But I digress.

Tomorrow is Preliminary Election Day in District 7!

That’s right… we’re going to downsize from 6 candidates to 2 candidates.  Then there’s one month til the March 15 final election, and then *boom!*  New City Councilor!

So if Twitter is accurate, which I assume it is, it looks like while I’ve been watching basketball games and heckling the Grammys, our District 7 candidates have been out meeting with voters all weekend.  So, I guess I can feel a little bit unproductive, huh?

Fortunately, I contributed a small amount of time and effort to the cause, getting some responses to our surveys!  Check out Natalie Carithers, Roy Owens, Tito Jackson, and Cornell Mills!  Also on the ballot are Danielle Renee Williams and Althea Garrison.

And if you’re in District 7, confirm your voting location here and set aside a few minutes tomorrow to get out and vote!   If you haven’t registered to vote, maybe you should.  Okay, definitely you should.  If you’re in District 7, you have until February 23 to register for the final.  If you aren’t in District 7, you might as well just do it right now.  Otherwise, I’ll probably judge you.  And you wouldn’t want that.

So don’t forget!  Tuesday, February 15, from 7am til 8pm: you gotta vote!