February, 2012:

Scholarship for Advanced Degree in Non-Profit Leadership

Wheelock College’s Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership program and the United Way are proud to partner to provide a unique scholarship opportunity for the staff of United Way member agencies. The scholarship is designed as a four-way partnership between the United Way, Wheelock College, the employer, and the employee (student). The United Way and Wheelock College will each contribute 25% of the tuition, if the employing organization agrees to support the employee with an additional 25% match, thereby reducing the applicant’s share to 25% of tuition.

The MS in Organizational Leadership is designed for professionals who want to prepare for leadership and executive roles in non-profit organizations, NGOs, and higher education. Through a series of required courses and advanced electives, students will gain the knowledge, skills and values necessary to assume leadership roles. Students will learn to build effective multi-cultural organizations where the talents and contributions of individuals from diverse backgrounds are recognized, respected, and valued. Moreover, this comprehensive program prepares students to take on progressive leadership positions within their organizations, and within the nonprofit field in an increasingly global environment.

For more information please contact:
Irwin Nesoff, DSW
Associate Professor, Chairperson
Department of Leadership and Policy
(617) 879-2170


Careers, Beers and Leap Year — Weds. 2/29 6:30pm

Join the fine folks of JVS for an evening of speed networking at The Boston Synagogue. There’ll be free beer, snacks and schmoozing with young professionals.

When: Wednesday, February 29, 2020 from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Where: The Boston Synagogue, 55 Martha Road Boston, MA 02114

Free to attend. Please register at http://bit.ly/beerleapyr and invite friends via Facebook.

Feel free to contact Leah Berk at lberk -at- jvs-boston.org or 617-399-3186 with any questions.


Work the Polls This November!

Poll Workers, not Pole Dancers…
Jamie Simchik, ONEin3 Advisory Council

On November 11, 2020, I worked as a State Election Inspector in Charlestown (Ward 2, Precinct 5). It was cold outside and somebody did not think it was necessary to turn on the heat in the school gymnasium that day. I was the youngest person there, and I had to run back to the North End on my hour lunch break to cast my vote. You would think that the way I am describing this experience, I would never do it again. But, it’s quite the opposite!

My girlfriend says I am social liberal and a fiscal conservative. I think it means I like to like to party, but I drive up to New Hampshire to buy the alcohol. I am actually originally from New Hampshire and proud of the 17 miles of coastline. I was a registered Republican in New Hampshire and I am now a registered Democrat in Massachusetts.

Regardless of your political leanings, if you are interested in the election process, this is a worthwhile opportunity. The City of Boston’s Election Department staff is looking for new, young State Election Inspectors. It encouraged my friends to vote because they knew who would be checking off their name. I truly enjoyed meeting the other State Election Inspectors; they were nice, interesting and encourage me to return for the next election. And, especially if you are currently looking for job, it is a great way to make a little money as well.

Please consider working as a State Election Inspector, it’s a benefit to you and your community. That’s not a catch phrase, it’s the truth. It will break up the work week and get you to hump day quicker. And it will give you a chance to connect with your community and your neighbors.

If you are interested, you can visit http://www.cityofboston.gov/elections/pollworkers.asp for more information.