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April, 2010:


So call me naive but I honestly thought that the swans in the Public Garden flew south for the winter.  However, my little world is being shattered as I am informed that they are kept in the Franklin Park Zoo during the winter.

With that said, Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Boston Parks Commissioner Antonia Pollak and Four Seasons Hotel Boston General Manager Bill Taylor will welcome Boston’s most famous waterfowl back for the season during the 22nd Annual Return of the Swans to the Public Garden on Tuesday, May 4.

The festivities will begin with entertainment at 11 a.m.

After wintering at the Franklin Park Zoo, Romeo and Juliet (also didn’t know they had names) will once again reside in the Public Garden Lagoon. The swans will be returned to the lagoon following a parade that begins at 11:30a.m. at the Beacon and Charles Street corner of the park near the Make Way for Ducklings statue. Led by a brass band, the parade will continue to the George Washington Statue at the Commonwealth Avenue/Arlington Street entrance, over the pedestrian bridge, and end on the Boylston
Street side of the lagoon for the official Return of the Swans ceremony at 11:45 a.m.
The accompanying entertainment program, sponsored in part by The Friends of The Public Garden and beginning at 11 a.m., will include a brass band, face painters, and readings of Make Way for
Ducklings led by the Boston Park Rangers. The Four Seasons Hotel Boston will provide refreshments and in-kind sponsor H.P. Hood LLC will offer tasty product samples.

So there you go folks…see the the swans return to their rightful place.

Lastly, if anyone knows how they prevent the swans from running away/walking into traffic your insight would be greatly appreciated.  I asked Devin but he didn’t know…shocker.


Tweet Tweet says the City of Boston

We’ve told you all about Citizens Connect, the City of Boston’s iPhone app where you can log graffiti, potholes, broken street lights and any other issues you’re having out there. If you don’t have it yet, get it, and if you don’t have an iPhone, we’ll be up on Android and other platforms very soon.

Well, the City has expanded its media reach with their brand new Twitter account: @NotifyBoston.

Get on Twitter and follow @NotifyBoston to get updates on road closures, emergencies, City services and lots more. Also, make sure to tweet to them about any issues you see. We promise you’ll get a quick response and prompt, quality service.

And for those of you still using a phone and only a phone, give 617-635-4500 a call to let the us know about any problems you’re having out there in the neighborhoods.


ONEin3 East Boston's Blue Line Crawling and They Want You to Be There!


Full Details Here

ONEin3 is all across the neighborhoods putting on all kinds of programming this year and East Boston is a standout.

They have a brand new event debuting May 8th.

Ready to be out and about after the winter “blues”? Get ready for the Blue Line Pub Crawl.

Join us as we enjoy all that the Blue Line bars have to offer! We will start off at Revere Beach and make our way down to the Aquarium.

Please RSVP to for full details, including time and starting location.

There ya go. Get out to Eastie and have a good time!


Humpday Jobday career search resources

Hello Onein3ers .  Today is Humpday Jobday so we will be focusing on jobs and resources for how to land one

I took a look at today and there are many opportunities at companies here in Boston.  Organizations like Deloitte, Children’s Hospital, Boston University and Thompson Reuters are all hiring for a variety of roles and many were recently posted.  Perhaps this means that the job market is opening up… lets hope! .  Check out the link for more info these opportunities as well as other companies that are hiring:

A few other resources which could be helpful in your job search: