World Cup Boston 2010 Kicks It off USA v. England Style

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, look no further. Just go to the House of Blues tomorrow and watch soccer!

Join ONEin3 World Cup correspondent Nitjyot Saroan, World Cup Boston 2010 and the New England Revolution and celebrate the world’s favorite sport.

Start with Argentina v. Nigeria, where you get to see the Super Eagles try to contain Senor Messi as he runs around, through and over people. Bonus, if Argentina plays well, there’s a chance Maradona will be running naked through BA by mid-July.

Follow that up with Greece v. South Korea.

And then? The MAIN EVENT. USA v. England. Let’s do this Donovan, Dempsey, Howard, Altidor, Bradley et al.

No, friends, you do not want to miss this.


A couple other things:

World Cup Boston has a cool event happening TONIGHT too! Celebrate the incredible diversity of African food, dance, culture, sports, you name it at the Children’s Museum starting at 6.

Lastly, check out their guide to putting on a World Cup viewing party with the right South African flavor. Now you just have to get your friends in the door.

Half of my Heart

The podcast with Prof. Cathy Waters (taught at the institute Charlie Davies comes from, professional soccer coach) got me thinking about my love for the USA soccer team. She also wrote recently  the article – a soccer ball is round, like the world. We talked about 2 themes in the podcast

-impressions of the USA team (after following them closely for four years), the impact of a coach.

– South African economy and branding a city by hosting a sport’s event

LISTEN TO THE EPISODE 3-Impressions of USA team by a coach, the dichotomy in South Africa

I highly recommend  two posts by the BBC – one called ” WORLD CUP LITERATURE” which examines the cultural significance of soccer in Africa and the second is “IN THE SHADOWS OF A STADIUM‘ which examines two groups in Africa. One which lives with poverty and cannot see the point in spending billions of dollars on stadiums and the other cannot wait to welcome the world to South Africa

I grew up watching English football so most of my soccer heroes are English. Being a Liverpool soccer fan is just about the only way I have been able to connect with people, as I have travelled so far away from home.  I remember during the England and Portugal penalty shoot out in the last World Cup, me and my childhood friends held hands and cried. Later, I was told by my brother my parents did exactly the same thing.

About two years back I moved to the great sports city of Boston. I realized that my professor Cathy Waters shared my love for the game and is a huge supporter of the USA soccer team.That is  when I started following their journey half way through the qualification. It is easy to love them simply because it is easy to love an underdog. But it is even easier to love underdogs who try so hard for respect. On Saturday, I don’t know how to choose. One is a country I grew up watching and the other is a country I have come to love. So with a heavy heart we discuss the match and the fight for respect of American soccer team.


Side Notes-  the blood sweat and tears of the american team, Joe Gaetjens, a Haitian immigrant, scored the greatest goal in American soccer history in 1950 to defeat England. He should have been a hero. Instead, Gaetjens was abducted and died in a Haitian prison. “Outside the Lines” sheds light on his story

Tell Me Tuesday – World Cup 2010 Edition

If you follow the ONEin3 blog, you know we’re big World Cup fans. So big that we hired a World Cup correspondent!

Nitjyot Saroan’s blogs are awesome and her podcasts are even better. They’re so baller that they already have 96 subscribers after only two days of being posted on iTunes and Podbean. That’s ridiculous.

They are here for your enjoyment.

So, this week’s question is really two questions.

1. Where will you be watching the games? If you’re from abroad, we REALLY want to know because it’s just fun to hang with the true ex-pat fans.

2. Who is going to win the whole thing?

See you in the comments!

Episode 2- tragedy strikes, American Dreams, Maradona = Naked= Worldwide blackout

So here it is Episode 2 of the soccer adventures at ONEin3 –

Chris Invites you in –   CLICK NOWWWW! TO Listen to the podcast

SIDE NOTES – Lets start with the Dempsey goal against Turkey, move on to Capello’s dilemma to play Lampard & Gerrard in the center or not (central midfielder is like the Quaterback), President Obama and Clinton are impressed with USA soccer team shoes and Maradona will run naked if Argentina wins (I would be fine with this if other fine specimens in the Argies team  follow him in madness).

Also, time to track Youth talent in USA

Also Devin this one is for you!